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Monthly Voting Your Say

2008-10-07 06:47:31 by Fion

So once again I have the privlidge of voting for this months top submissions and after several months of not doing this, due to the lack of time to go through all the submissions/find enough that I really think deserve the votes, I am fed up with not casting my ballot and making it unfair on those who cannot vote.

So this month I've decided that I will let everyone have a say, if you feel that there are submissions that truly deserve top votes for this past month just post a link to it here and give me a speel as to why you think it deserves it.

I will then review the suggestions made and watch the movies/ play the games and if I get 10 suggestions I deem worthy I will cast my vote on those.

Dazzle me. Down

2008-02-25 01:06:11 by Fion

:'( Down

Bill Murray Week!

2007-12-08 20:28:36 by Fion

So it's Bill Murray Week again!

This week, starting yesterday the 7th and continuing on until the 14th, we pay tribute to Billy Murray the king of all.

Everyone feel free to participate, whether it be through making a Bill Murray flash or just some artwork to tribute the great man himself. Get into the spirit of it everyone and go enjoy some Bill Murray Flashes.

Here are mine so far:
William James Murray I
William James Murray II(this one is better)

And here are a few more:
I love my Murray by Montana
Bill Murray in da Hood by SecretAgentClock
Murray's Demented Pokedex by Tinx
Bill Murray And His Hats by HydrantClock
bill murray week 07 flash by iceblockclock
Murray's golfcart-o-rama by Kodiak Clock
William Murray by DigitalEggClock
Caffeine Junky by Biblo
The Bill Murray Show by FishbagClock
Everlasting Love by MiracleFruitClock
Clock work by Montana
Lip My Stocking by AlbinoClock

and many others that I am now far to lazy to link to, just go to the portal.

Bill Murray Week!